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Electroforming is the process of depositing a thick layer of metal (upto 500 microns or 0.5 mm) over a ‘master’ blueprint object and then removing the ‘master’ through mechanical and chemical means. The illustration below explains the process. The resultant metal layer - forms a hollow object taking the exact replica of the original ‘master blueprint’ and having excellent strength and rigidity. This manufacturing technique is used to make replicas of very complicated hollow shapes and designs which are difficult to make using conventional manufacturing techniques such as sheet metal stamping or casting.





Gold and Silver Electroforming is gaining importance due to the fluctuating high prices of gold and silver. This warrants the need for light weight products which are the same shape, size and similar features as products made through stamping or casting but lighter in weight. Through this technology we can manufacture products that are 3x lighter than stamping and 6x lighter than casted products. As a result in decorative applications, electroforming is used to manufacture watch cases, fashion accessories and fine jewellery findings in gold and silver.


24Kt gold electroforming is popular for making idols and artefacts and gift articles and is very popular in China. P&S provides process chemicals for 24Kt pure gold electroforming with option of bright or matte finish and soft and hard 24 Kt deposit.


Gold Alloy Electroforming is done in 14Kt, 18Kt, 21 Kt and 22Kt using specialized software, machinery and chemicals. We offer the complete technology solution for alloy gold electroforming. 


Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Nickel alloys are used for electroforming.

At P&S, we specialize in process chemicals and machinery required for this technology and help you manufacture products through electroforming. Refer the gold & silver electroforming product series for more details.

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