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Job work Manufacturing

At P&S, we do contract and job work services to manufacture light weight components used in the fine jewellery industry. We manufacture several products in pure gold alloys (14-22Kt) and in silver (99% pure) which have no match in terms of light weightness and at the same time have good hardness and strength.


If you are interested in the technology and would like to integrate this process into your manufacturing setup, please drop a line and we’ll guide you. Before becoming a technology user, we let you do trials at our site for you to understand your design requirements and manufacture products and once you are satisfied with the results, we can guide you with turnkey solutions. Please refer our technology page for further details.


If you are a designer/retailer/marketer and would like to make use of this powerful technology for making novel gift items with different colours and textures - get in touch with us and we can help you make your products and also connect you to our electroforming manufacturing partners.

decorative Component Electroforming

Gold and Silver Electroplating

We at P&S have carried out custom gold plating for over 300 temples and shrines in South India. Products that are gold or silver plated in the decorative space are fashion accessories, jewellery, home and personal accessories, religious artefacts, silverware and trophies, smart phone cases, watches etc. If you have some project in mind which involves plating get in touch with us.

ed painting and powder coating

One of our group companies, Phorotech Surfin ( is the leading player in the surface coating technology in India. We carry out cathodic electro-deposition painting, powder coating and geomet coating job of various automobile parts catering to all the  major OEMs in India.

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